BrisbaneJess & Jack – A Star Trek (not cheesy) inspired wedding video

The couple, Jess and Jack, wanted to have a fun wedding video. They had an understated Star Trek theme on their big day- from the colours they chose (a mix of blue, reds and yellows) and the star trek emblem throughout their wedding colour palette.

Their only brief to me was to make a fun wedding video that incorporated visuals and sound from the Star Trek universe. They walk back up the aisle after they are married. It was the theme from Star Trek Enterprise.

But of course, having a themed wedding, especially one from a TV series, we don’t want to go over the top and make it cheesy, so I’ve created a video with just a hint of Star Trek exactly like their wedding day. Jess enough so everyone knows it’s a Star Trek-themed wedding, and of course, Jason Jack is delighted with the results, leaving me a fantastic roller, as you can see below.\

An incredible, brilliant and creative videographer!
I had a vision and he went above and beyond what I envisioned! It was a perfect wedding day and he captured it all on a film and now I have my perfect day forever encapsulated! Thank you Phil, and thank you for capturing our magical day

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