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December 9, 20210

The Sparkler Wedding Exit (A Guide 2023)

The wedding exit of the couple is a final goodbye by wedding guests as they leave to spend their first night together. Traditionally, rice or birdseed would be thrown on them; however, many modern weddings utilize other items such as sparklers, streamers, bells, bubbles or confetti for there not to beg any trace that says “wedding reception” once it’s over! But in my career, sparklers have been the most used.

Should I Fake the Sparkler Wedding Exit?

Sometimes the “actual exit” at the end of the evening is not always possible. Some couples may have booked their photo/video team only for a few hours at the reception. Having a professional photographer/videographer for your big day is so important! Sometimes vendors are contractually obligated only until the end of the wedding and may need an early exit. At the same time, other family members might want more time at their celebration or event before heading off on vacation – but either way,y it’s nice when they can contribute in some fashion and share these special moments with us. l

When you need to exit a building quickly, your escape route must be clear and free from obstacles. You might think staging an “exit” will take up all the time in preparation,n but sometimes this can save more precious moments when things go south!

That Movie exit

Movies often depict the stereotypical “just married” scene. The bride and groom exit a chapel with music playing, doves flying away in their wedding attire while guests toss rice or birdseed at them as they walk towards an awaiting car adorned by signs that read ‘just wedded’. But it’s not like that, not that I’ve seen anyways!


The Location of your wedding sparkler exit

Weddings can occur in many locations, some of the most common at either your main entrance or an area near it. If your ceremony location is separate from the reception, other applicable places would include a parking lot near an open field. When deciding on this part about planning a wedding event, the most important thing is finding out what works best with people who’ll attend! Always consult with your photo/video team because they may have been to the venue before and know the best place to do it.

Always consult with your photographer/videographer about the best Location; no matter what site you choose for your wedding sparkler exit and send-off, the area must have room to accommodate large crowds. Some venues only allow couples to use designated areas, making this decision easier! I always suggest a location where the only light is coming from the sparklers, and the background is dark, which makes the line of people and the couple POP in the video.

What Size do Sparklers get, and how should I light them?

So, you want a grand exit at your wedding. That’s the best way to go! It looks great on video (especially in slow motion), and it is always great to end your wedding. Sparklers are great for making things exciting and memorable,e so let’s discuss what Size is right for you.

Twenty-four (24) inches (THE BIG ONES) sparklers are perfect for planning a large wedding. They last nearly four-five minutes each, giving guests ample time to make their exit line and giving us videographers and photographers enough to get what we want without feeling rushed or crowded. Just remember how long it takes for everyone to get ready; The small sparklers won’t last long enough if you have more than 40peoplel, so all opt for the biggest ones you can get

Lighting your wedding sparklers exit line is a crucial part of planning. You need to get them all lit promptly, which means that as soon as you land one, it’s time-sensitive and will start fizzling out quickly if not dealt with properly! A good photo/video team there will help guide everyone in the right direction to get the best out of the sparkler exit.

You can quickly light several sparklers using candles or blowtorches. The large open flames will allow you to do this without much hassle and make your way down the line of firework launchers as soon as possible! Other ignition sources,s such as matches,s take a long time, making them inefficient for our purpose here. The great idea is to use two different lighting methods: one with an even smaller flame that gets close enough (like a candle) and another more potent on a high-temperature metal object.

To Recap

  • Always consult with the venue first. Are you allowed to do it? Can you do
  • Make sure it can be done safely
  • Check with your photo/video team as to the best options
  • Make sure your photo/video team will be there.
  • Fake it if you need to
  • Get the most oversized sparklers you can find
  • Have fun

I hope this definitive guide to using sparklers for your wedding exit will put all the guesswork out there. These tips are based on my personal experiences as a Brisbane wedding videographer.r

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