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July 26, 20220

Seven tips on how to make your wedding reception video awesome.

Do you want an awesome reception video? Look no further! We’ve seven tips for you that will ensure your video is top-notch. From lighting to music, we cover everything you need to know. By following our simple tips, you can be sure that your wedding reception video will be one of the best memories from your big day.

1. Audio Audio Audio

The most crucial thing in any wedding is ensuring the audio quality of all speeches and music is perfect. Five or ten years from now, when you watch the video, it will not be an enjoyable experience if there’s terrible sound and you can’t understand what people are saying. It’s essential to have clear dialogue and music so you can relive the moments as if they were there alongside us, experiencing them live!

Bad audio is an excellent way to ruin your wedding reception video.

One of my main concerns, when I film weddings is capturing crystal-clear audio. You can do this in two ways- either from a DJ’s soundboard or when they let me access the mixer at the venue so we could record directly onto it with no interference from other sources in attendance, such as music playing over speakers nearby. The second method involves setting up independent microphones on each side specifically for backup recordings, regardless of what happens while recording your main event; we have a backup if things go wrong!

Microphones can have issues that can prevent a sound recording, including loudness and people holding the mic incorrectly. This industry has many unknowns, so we always want backup plans! In most cases, a DJ or band will have a PA system that we can record into and use a microphone. But if the venue doesn’t provide excellent sound equipment, your recording could be wrong too!

To summarise, ensure we have an excellent way to record the main audio DJ or a sound PA system, which means I can also use my gear to record and have a decent backup.

Just remember, we cannot redo the speeches. We only get one shot.



2. Lighting and the look of your speeches

The second most important thing is lighting when I’m at a venue. If no lights are available, we bring our own and supplement what they have to make things look great for your wedding video! The low light performance of today’s digital cameras is outstanding, but there are limits where we must add light to make the image look acceptable. The speech’s appearance depends on several factors, including lighting and table layout. The cameras will be placed in different locations depending on what space is available for your wedding reception – we’ll try to keep it discreet as much as possible, so every event is unique!

This is about communication with your vendors. So we can work out what is required on the night.


3. Having a good MC

Even with a copy of the schedule, things never run-on time. That’s why it is crucial to have someone who can communicate with us and ensure we don’t miss any part of your wedding night! I’ve been at some weddings where MCs do their own thing and don’t communicate anything with us, resulting in us missing parts of the night. So, a good Mc will make a big difference on the night. I don’t want to disturb the couple during their night. You should be there to enjoy it. You did all this planning, and now it is time to relax.

Ultimately, my goal is for the videographer and the MC to work together at night. I always ask every couple to advise the MC to come to say hello at the ceremony so we can go through the evening’s events.

4. Your Entrance and exit from the wedding reception

You don’t have to do a big production when you arrive at your reception, but it’s fun and will make people feel like they are part of the event. If you are doing a sparkle Exit, please ensure the videographer will be at the reception to cover it. Let us know ahead of time! It doesn’t surprise us to communicate with the team on the day. You’ll be able to find out more about how to exit your reception.



5. What we don’t film at a wedding reception

Shooting during the evening is a lot of fun, but there’s one time when we won’t be shooting – and that’s while you’re having meals.

There are a few things you should keep in mind. For one thing- make sure your speech is not happening right after the course has finished. Could you allow time for the plates to be cleared? The venue staff could walk before a camera and run a particular moment (this has happened). And the obvious one is nobody wants to see you and your guest eating on the video. Also, remember that knives and forks hitting plates will cause background noise which could elevate further to an annoying level that will affect the audio

6. Party Music

People are always looking for ways to have a good time, and the same is true regarding your wedding reception. If everyone has an enjoyable evening together, then you will too! The first 15-20 minutes of your wedding dance are crucial to capturing the “party atmosphere. I always suggest that to start the party pick five or six songs you know will get people up and dancing, so we can capture this special moment! The crowd thins out after that, and only the most dedicated dancers stay on their feet.

Once the party has started, please do not stop for anything

7. Games

The wedding games are trendy at the reception, and a great way for everybody to get Laugh jokes and have a few fun things like the shoe game, treasure hunts or quizzes and all sorts of other things will add to the night. Are you going to be doing a garter or bouquet toss?
My biggest suggestion here is if you are planning on doing games. Could you make sure it’s all done and dusted before you start dancing the night away? Please don’t start your party; then, 10 minutes into it, do a bouquet toss. I’ve seen many weddings where the party has stopped and doesn’t restart, so once you start dancing, dance!

Following these simple tips, you can make your wedding reception video a fantastic keepsake that you and your guests will enjoy for years. Have fun with it, and be creative! Wedding receptions are a time of celebration, so capture the joy and happiness on film. And don’t forget to dance! Thanks for reading, and we hope these tips help you create a wedding reception video that you will love watching repeatedly.

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