Wedding Reception EssentialsUltimate Wedding Dance-Off: How to Get Your Guests on the Dance Floor

May 6, 20230

Ultimate Wedding Dance-Off How to Get Your Guests on the Dance Floor


Wedding videos are incomplete without capturing the frenzied dance floor action. It is safe to assume that every couple yearns for their guests to have an unforgettable time at their wedding, and what better way to showcase this than through footage of people revelling at the moment? The end of a wedding video is the ideal spot to feature electrifying clips that encapsulate the true essence of the day.

I have attended numerous weddings where the invitees refrained from hitting the dance floor despite the availability of many musical options, including live music. Such situations are disheartening for the couple and me as a videographer, resulting in less captivating footage for their video. To prevent such occurrences, I have put together some tips to ignite the party’s spark and get guests grooving on the dance floor. After all, I have witnessed countless wedding receptions where the energy was so contagious that it propelled everyone to join the fun. INCLUDING ME!

Setting the Mood & Lighting.

Setting the mood is the first step in getting your guests on the dance floor. This means creating an atmosphere that’s conducive to dancing. Here are some tips to get started: Lighting is critical when creating the right atmosphere for dancing. You want the lighting to be dim enough to create a party atmosphere but not so dim that people can’t see each other. Consider using coloured lighting or uplighting to create a fun and festive vibe.

Leave the playlist to the professionals.

When planning your wedding reception, you don’t necessarily have to select every single song for your band or DJ to play. While providing them with a list of essential songs is helpful, giving them some freedom to read the crowd and choose songs that will keep your guests dancing is essential. Whether you want a playlist that reflects your tastes or will cater to your guests is worth considering. Remember to trust your DJ and let them do their job. For example, while your 80s alternative collection may be enjoyable to dance to in private, there may be better choices for getting everyone on the dance floor at your reception.

Ultimate Wedding Dance-Off How to Get Your Guests on the Dance Floor

Stephanie and Barcley’s weddings

This wedding deserved its own party video


Set realistic expectations.

The number of guests on your wedding list will significantly impact the dance floor’s energy. “If there are only 60 guests in attendance, the dance floor probably won’t be packed all night long,” notes Paul of Bozeman DJ Entertainment. “If there are 200 guests, then people should be consistently on the dance floor throughout the evening.”

Take song requests in advance.

Allowing your guests to make song requests can pique their interest in staying on the dance floor. Create a section on your wedding website where guests can submit their song requests in advance and review them to avoid any unwanted songs. You can pass the approved requests on to your music professional. Remember that many bandleaders and DJs will only take requests from the couple during the reception and may hesitate to take guest song suggestions.

Ultimate Wedding Dance-Off How to Get Your Guests on the Dance Floor

Don’t interrupt the flow.

Before the dance session begins, most music professionals recommend serving your wedding meal, including speeches and toasts. “Please do not break up the dancing,” “Interruptions in the dancing can kill the momentum. You may be cutting the cake or playing a slideshow while one of your guests is doing the worm across the dance floor.” Skipping traditions like bouquets and garter tosses, which tend to clear the floor quickly, can help keep guests on the dance floor.

Start the night off right.

The song that welcomes guests to the dance floor, typically after the first dance or parent dances, is crucial. While different music professionals have varying opinions on the ideal tune, choosing five songs you know will get your guests dancing is a good idea.

Lead by example.

You lose people on the dance floor because the couple isn’t there; people notice where the couple is and what they’re doing.” To keep your guests engaged, take your wedding portraits before the reception and mingle with guests during cocktail hour and dinner. Enlisting your wedding party to join you on the dance floor can encourage guests to let loose and have fun.

Trick them with a group photo.

If you’re concerned that guests may be too shy to hit the dance floor, try a secret wedding emcee trick to draw them in by calling for a group photo. “After the specialty dances, we bring everyone to the dance floor to get a group photo.


Q1. How do I choose the right music for my wedding dance-off?

A: Choose a mix of songs that appeal to a broad range of ages and tastes. Consider hiring a DJ or band to keep the energy high and the dance floor packed.

Q2. What should I do if my guests are too shy to dance?

A: Consider starting with a group dance that’s easy to learn, like the Macarena or the Electric Slide. This can help break the ice and get people moving.

Q3. Can I have a dance-off competition at my wedding?

A: Absolutely! A dance-off competition can be fun to get people on the dance floor and show off their moves. Consider offering prizes for the best dancers to make it even more exciting.

Q4. How can I make sure my guests stay on the dance floor?

A: Providing comfortable shoes and a late-night snack can help keep your guests energized and dancing all night long. You can also ask your DJ or band to play a mix of upbeat songs to keep the party going.

Q5. What if I’m not a great dancer?

A: Don’t worry about being a great dancer! Your wedding dance-off is about having fun and celebrating with your loved ones. So, don’t be afraid to let loose and enjoy yourself on the dance floor.

Conclusion to How to Get Your Guests on the Dance Floor

So there you have it, our ultimate guide to getting your guests on the dance floor at your wedding. Setting the mood, encouraging participation, and providing comfort and sustenance can create a wedding dance-off that everyone will remember for years. So, prepare to dance the night away and make unforgettable memories with the people you love most.

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