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October 26, 20220

Pat Fagan Park Coolangatta Gold Coast Wedding location

Imagine your wedding ceremony in the picturesque Pat Fagan Park, where you can see across Australia’s beautiful coastline. You’ll also have an incredible view for guests – there is no other spot like it at Greenmount.

No need to get the fantastic backdrop of the ocean, but what’s your ceremony is over, you can do a tremendous beach walk for your video shoe and enjoy the surroundings with to get the incredible ocean backdrop, but what’s your ceremony is over you can do. Fantastic beach walk for your video shoe and enjoy the surroundings.

It’s also an excellent location fuel having your reception at Greenmount Surf Club or Coolangatta surf club; they are both within walking distance of Pat Fagan Park. Maria and Ryan’s wedding was very relaxed. The ceremony was held at 9 am before the wind picked up and the rain came in that day, and after the ceremony, we just went for a walk on the beach and enjoyed the sunshine, did some whale watching and had some fun. Pat Fagan Park is a beautifully intimate setting for any wedding, especially if you like the ocean or the beach.

Our little beach video shoot entailed a little bit of fun skimming stones and enjoying the beautiful surroundings, which is how Ryan and Marie wanted to enjoy their day. The video shoot only took an hour, and then we returned to Greenmount Surf Club for the reception.

You can check out the Gold Coast city council website here


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