Wedding Love Stories & HighlightsThe Legend of Zelda – A wedding film

November 24, 20220

The legend of Zelda A wedding video teaser trailer

Every wedding has its unique personality, but this one might take the cake. Our video’s theme perfectly represents how creative and vibrant you can feel on such an important day- The excellent wedding video needs to be subtle, not over-the-top or cheesy. For a themed event like any nerd’s dream (or perhaps your own), it should have just enough of an appropriate theme throughout without being too obvious.

The protagonist of The Legend Of Zelda series (Link, AKA Liam )is a young Hylian wearing green clothes and an orange hat with pointed edges. He’s also known as the Triforce Bearer – one lucky enough to carry all three pieces that make up what we call “The Greattheless. Natalie came as Princess Zelda. The princess of Hyrule and the guardian to one half of Triforce Wisdom, her name could be found in many female ancestors who carried on this burden before them!

Bundaleer rainforest gardens were the perfect location for their wedding as they had a fantastic backdrop, great weather and many characters. The Bride arrived on horseback alongside her Mother and father. Liam entered the ceremony first without seeing the princess. Then she entered with pomp and ceremony.

It was a perfect day for two gamers who love to play video games. Throughout the ceremony, Renee read out legends of Zelda, which fit them like an authentic sword in hand – being themselves on their wedding day. The tone should be casual and fun while still maintaining some formality.

Ok, and not to be outdone, I have adapted my intro to my wedding films to include the original 8-bit version of the Legends of Zelda theme, so they get an all-encompassing link and princess wedding film.

Behold the epic masterpiece of cinema shining in all its glory – the Legends of Zelda highlight reel! I was lucky enough to gain permission from a talented musician who put together an exquisite piano medley using some songs from Zelda The video captures only daytime scenes as they segue into each other with effortless beauty, providing viewers with a truly remarkable experience that encapsulates this special couple’s magical day. Truly mesmerizing and absolutely amazing!

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